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Yukihiro Koretsune

Yukihiro Koretsune


  • Director, Institute for Clinical Research
  • Osaka National Hospital
  • Osaka, Japan


Prof. Yukihiro Koretsune is the Director of the Institute for Clinical Research at Osaka National Hospital in Japan. His clinical practice and research are focused in the areas of clinical cardiology, cardiac performance, coronary circulation, and cardiovascular pharmacology. He has been involved in several clinical trials focusing on prevention of stroke and bleeding events in patients with atrial fibrillation.

Prof. Koretsune received his undergraduate degree from the University of Osaka in Japan. He completed his MD at the Osaka University School of Medicine. He completed a cardiovascular fellowship at the Osaka Police Hospital as well as a research/clinical fellowship at Osaka University School of Medicine. Prof. Koretsune went on to pursue two postdoctoral fellowships, the first at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the second at Osaka School of Medicine. He is a committee member of "Guidelines for Pharmacotherapy of atrial fibrillation (JCS2008)."

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